Guts & Butts is a community that's not afraid to talk about the hard sh*t. Literally. We invite you to join us in conversations aimed at educating and destigmatizing all kinds of digestive issues as well as anything that impacts our gut health like eating disorders, alcoholism and anxiety disorders.

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Talking Sh*t

It’s a brave new world for guts & butts, and old stigmas have got to go.

Spencer Mandel
Hard to Stomach

The connection between digestive health issues, the pressures of modern life, and physical and mental health.

Spencer Mandel
Let's Kick Acid

What are antacids, how do they work, and how do I pick the right one for me?

Spencer Mandel
Un-break my Heartburn

What is heartburn, what causes it, and what can I do about it?

Spencer Mandel
Lucas' Gut Story

This is where Lucas truly spills his guts. All puns intended.

Lucas Kraft