Why Wonderbelly?
Because relief from digestive issues like heartburn, acid indigestion and a sour belly can come from clean ingredients and sustainable packaging. Our products use the same active ingredient as the leading brands, and are free from talc, dyes, parabens, artificial sweeteners and genetically modified substances. Wonderbelly is committed to happy bellies, healthy people and a cleaner planet.
fast, clean and tasty relief
We choose our ingredients carefully.
Our Ingredients
calcium carbonate
calcium carbonateNaturally mined from limestone and always pharmaceutical grade. This is our active ingredient. Calcium Carbonate is the same active ingredient used in the leading antacids and is highly effective in relieving heartburn and acid reflux symptoms.
natural flavors
natural flavorsProduced from non-GMO natural flavoring and used to give taste and aroma to the tablets.
vegetable cellulose
vegetable celluloseProduced from non-GMO purified wood pulp cellulose. As a binder, it helps keep the tablet compressed and intact. As a diluent, it improves the content uniformity of the active ingredient.
vegetable stearate
vegetable stearateDerived from non-GMO edible vegetable sources. It acts as a lubricant to aid the manufacturing process and ensure that the tablet can be compressed without cracking or breakage.
maize starch
maize starchProduced from non-GMO corn. As a binder, it keeps the tablet compressed and intact. As a disintegrant, it helps the tablet break apart easily when chewed and disintegrate faster when swallowed.
sucroseProduced from non-GMO sugar cane. We use this ingredient to sweeten the tablet and give it texture.
Ingredients Found In Other Antacids
acesulfame k
happy planet
Infinitely Recyclable
Wonderbelly’s bottles are made entirely of aluminum so they are 100% plastic-free and infinitely recyclable. Who knows, after you’ve recycled it, your bottle could become a can of seltzer or a tin of peaches one day. Dream big, bottle. Dream big.
Sustainable from start to finish.
Our Bottles

Made of aluminum, 100% plastic-free, and infinitely recyclable.

Our Envelopes

Made from 100% recycled paper, like post-consumer newspapers and catalogs. They are fully recyclable and at-home compostable.

Our Boxes

Made from 100% recycled cardboard material, formed with a starch-based adhesive and printed using soy-based ink.

Our Shipping

Carbon neutral offered using algorithms to determine the exact cost of offsetting the emissions from manufacturing & shipping of each order.

No. More. Plastic.
91% of plastic does not get recycled. That's 91% of the 8.3 billion tons of plastic ever created.

By 2050, it's estimated there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

At Wonderbelly, we think that’s a bunch of garbage!
Delicious flavors.

Wonderbelly’s flavors are formulated to be enjoyable and delicious, so you can get rid of heartburn without leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

Go With Your Gut And Try Us Out.